MX Skype Recorder 3.5.2

Record video chats and conversations you have over the calling service

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    Internet phone

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    Windows 2000 / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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    7.7 (51)

MX Skype Recorder is a piece of software that allows you to record your Skype audio conversations. The software can be set up to work in two different modes. The first is automatic mode, which will start recording any audio conversations that you have with anyone without requiring to press record and stop every time. The other is manual mode so that you can choose which conversations to record. In addition to Skype, this program also works with Yahoo messenger, Google talk, and many other VoIP programs.

The audio files will save in mp3 or wav formats, and the files are automatically compressed while they are recording. You will be able to select the file type before you start the recording. The files can also save in either single output or dual audio track output, which allows one channel for input and the other for output. MX Skype Recorder also works in Spy mode, where the users who use Skype will not know that their audio conversations are being recorded.

MX Skype Recorder is an easy program to download and install. All you need to do is follow the quick prompts on your computer and you will be able to use the program in no time. When you are ready to record a conversation, just run MX Skype Recorder and your Skype or other VoIP program. Then, MX Skype Recorder will automatically record your conversation unless you have it set to manual mode. If you have manual mode set, then you will need to start the recording yourself. Once the conversation has ended, MX Skype Recorder will convert your conversation into an audio file.

Once your files convert and save, they will automatically be named by the date and time that the recording takes place. It is easy to find these recordings on your computer, and you can rename the files however, you want.

MX Skype Recorder works with Windows computers from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. Windows 8 is currently not supported. The download file is small, so it will not take up much space on your hard drive. It also does not use much system resources while it is running, so it will not make your computer run slow.


  • Quick Download
  • Doesn't use much system resources
  • Works on Windows 2000 through Windows 7
  • Automatically compresses files into mp3 or wav formats
  • Automatic recording or Manual recording
  • Works while running in the background
  • Supports all versions of Skype
  • Supports Yahoo Messenger, Google talk, and other VoIP programs
  • Stable software that will not crash
  • Works will PC to PC and PC to phone conversations
  • Names the file based on time and date


  • Doesn't support iOS or Android
  • Limited file selection
  • Windows 8 currently not supported

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